Malcolm Gladwell on Edward Snowden

Gladwell has lost his mind: No Ivy PhD means Snowden is not a legitimate whistleblower. Ellseberg has a Harvard PhD, making him a legitimate leaker.

"But Snowden did not study under a Nobel Prize winner, or give career advice to the likes of Henry Kissinger. He was a community-college dropout, a member of the murky hacking counterculture. He enlisted in the Army Reserves, and washed out after twenty weeks. He worked at the C.I.A. for a few years and left under a cloud. He learned about the innermost secrets of American intelligence-gathering and policy not because he was personally involved with that intelligence-gathering or policymaking but because he was a technician who helped service the computer systems that managed these things."

Also, just throwing a phrase from game theory around does not make you article scientific.